Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Badger of the week (4)

Out of hibernation, and back to the badgers....

I got this sneaky looking guy a few years ago as a present. I liked him a bit too much to just put him on my keys with all the various other keyring trinkets that jingle and jangle to make sure my keys never get lost in my bag. So instead he hangs from a hook on the bookshelves next to my desk where I can see him looking a bit too cool for school, arms nonchantly crossed, mischief in his eyes. Once a year, he gets elevated to Christmas tree decoration status (I'm not one for matching baubles). Here he is hanging out with the fairies amongst the branches...

Recently, quite a few of my keyrings have fallen apart, so my keys are looking a bit sparse and sad. Seeing as I'm moving soon (and will get new keys once I find an appartment - eek!) I think it might be time for this guy to fulfill his keyring destiny as Monsieur le blaireau, gardien des clefs!


  1. thank you for your comment about my styling :) hahaha this made me laugh. I love your tag.... "yes, this is a badger"

    love, polly :D

  2. hehe, yes - just in case anybody's confused!