Friday, March 02, 2012

A haiku a day...

Excuse the lack of all things non-haiku lately - I've been busy moving far away over the last few weeks. I'm here en France now with this week's haikus....

Today my life is
a giant jigsaw puzzle,
piled into a van.

Une nuit blanche
, outside
dreamless fog fills the valley,
as a new day breaks.

Family faces,
sat round a table again,
older, fewer, here.

Overnight murmurs
announce spring, blossom blooms as
green buds sprout on trees.

Clean, bare and empty,
time’s up here, so off we go,
into the unknown.

Flying is easy,
I just close my eyes and soar,
into a new world.

Candlelight bathtime,
Joni sings, I sip fine wine,
Happy salle de bain.

With that all typed up and ready to post I will say bonne nuit. 'Tis time I got back to my new crochet project :)

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