Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Here's to spring.....

.... and twirling beneath blossomy boughs.

It's been a while since I wrote a proper post but now I have a real internet connection again I can get caught up on the last few weeks. Spring has sprung here in France since we arrived just over a month ago....

Where once there were bare branches, now there are blossoms in full bloom and even some starting their snowflake-like dance to the floor. Confetti for a wedding that never was (unless the pixies have got some secret nuptials going on that we are unaware of)

Ahh! Impossible candy-floss branches bursting with petals. Simple pinky white petals that astound in their transformative capacity. New life, transitions, prettyness! Just look at this magnolia tree....

I always think autumn leaves are my favourite, but then spring comes along and I'm not sure I don't prefer the blossom! But since each season is so ephemeral in its own way I don't have to choose! In autumn I twirl beneath golden rusty boughs, in spring, I twirl amidst the petals!

Walking the same way in my new town every afternoonI noticed the very day that leaves became visible on the trees and it makes my heart happy to be surrounded by warmth and leafy trees and delicate flowers again.

So here's to Spring!

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