Friday, February 10, 2012

A haiku a day...

I've been writing these little haikus every day for over 6 months now, which is quite hard to believe as I'm usually rubbish at sticking to things like this. I doubt that anybody else really enjoys reading them, but the weekly ritual of typing them and putting them on here has certainly helped me to keep on writing them. I love how they capture random little snippets of things, like the changing seasons, weird little observations I've had during my days, pretty flowers, frustrated moments, dreams, runs in the rain, snow, autumn etc. It's funny sometimes the way that inspiration strikes me and I think - ooh! that's definitely the subject of my haiku today! Maybe at the end of a year's worth I will print them all out in a little book and it will be one of the most concise and yet strangely evocative diaries I've ever kept. Anyway, here's this week's worth, served up this time with a healthy sprinkling of snow....

On this cold night we
shut out the world and sip wine,

Creaky snow footsteps
through a freshly coated world,
a blank page tonight.

Confused birds singing
at street light reflections on
snow: a fake dawn glow.

Drip drop, melting snow,
the great thaw's started, perhaps
Aslan's on the move?

Treacherous pathway,
Snow sparkles a warning that
I'm running on ice.

A nun, a ginger
beard, school children, you and me,
huddled on the tube.

I'll miss the way that
Distant trains sound strange at night,
like boiling kettles.

ps. If anybody is reading, I invite you to leave a haiku of your own in the comments :)

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