Monday, December 19, 2011

Badger of the week (3)

This week I bring you..... a Christmas themed badger! It's a charming children's story book called 'Grumpy Badger's Christmas' which is written by Paul Bright with illustrations by Jane Chapman.

(Front cover of the book, published by Little Tiger Press: London, 2009)

This book tells the tale of a grumpy badger who just wants to hibernate alone for Christmas, but can't get any sleep because all the other woodland creatures are busy decorating the woods and getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Needless to say, badger gets very grumpy indeed! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous - I would love some of them as artworks to hang on the wall. Here's a peek at Badger trying to get some sleep...

Illustration by Jane Chapman

I love the attention to detail throughout which is evident in this picture - badger's bushy eyebrows, the mismatched patch on his quilt that matches the inside of the book cover, his cute whiskers and furry face :)

Badger has a habit of exclaiming funny things like piffle and triple piffle! as he gets more and more annoyed...

Illustration by Jane Chapman

The words are set out thoughtfully on the pages, so that they become almost part of the scene. It's well written and funny, even to this very overgrown child (haha) and I highly recommend it whether or not you are a badger fan (and you sure will be - it's impossible not to fall in love with his grumpy ways by the last page)

You can buy the book here!
Merry Christmas Badger!

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