Friday, December 23, 2011

A haiku a day...

We're deep in mid winter now, so it's high time for hibernating. I've swapped London's busy streets for quiet hills and forests deep in the Devon countryside. Days are spent sleeping late, reading Murakami's latest offering, IQ84 (it's a real page turner!) eating a lot, and walking off the food on long walks. Some new discoveries have been made including deer in the woods and a kingfisher flying past by the river. Here are these tales and more in haiku form...

Cold air fills my lungs,
Muddy puddles soak my feet.
Winter seeps inside.

I blaze a path through

bustling crowds busy buying
Christmas bits and bobs.


A nostalgic song,
a sepia coloured sky,
visions of the past.


Two deer bound away

on the strangely green carpet,

magic mossy scene.

Cobble stones, twinkling

lights, a little town bursting

with countryside charm.

Elusive vision,
a turquoise arrow darts past,
Shy kingfisher bird.

A river so long,
flows over gnarly tree roots,
a fleeting meeting.

Season's greetings. May you have a very merry Christmas :)

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