Friday, December 09, 2011

DIY: Easiest Christmas garland ever!

Here's how to add a bit of festive charm to your home with a very simple garland....

You will need:

Felt, in festive colours (I used green and red)

Ribbon, in festive colours (I used gold and green)


Paper for a template

1. Decide what festive message you want to create for your home. You can be as imaginative or as simple as you like. I went with the basic "Ho ho ho!" because it only required 2 letters! I also decided to make some pretty stars. You could use any festive shapes, such as holly leaves, Christmas trees or candy canes -use your imagination!

2. Make a template for your letters with paper. Make sure they are clear and easy to cut out.

3. Carefully cut the shapes out of your felt. It might help to draw around the templates on the felt first. This way you can arrange the template to get as many shapes out of your felt as possible. Use contrasting colours for an extra pretty garland!

4. Glue your shapes onto your length of ribbon, taking care to space them evenly and to leave space at the end to attach your ribbon to the wall. Make sure to protect your worksurface with newspaper or you might accidentally glue your garland to the floor/table (I know this from experience!). Leave to dry for a few hours or overnight. You can make short garlands to hang over doorways or in the window, or make extra long ones that go all the way across the room!

This one goes all the way across the room

This little one goes on the window with some tinsel :)

5. Hang your lovely garland! At this point I recommend putting on some Christmas songs. Mulled wine is also an excellent refreshment to sip whilst admiring your handywork :)


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