Saturday, December 10, 2011

A haiku a day...

Sunrise/sunset moments have cropped up quite a lot in my haikus this week, which is symptomatic of the short days of winter I suppose - I'm much more likely to witness these displays and experience the strange betwixt times when it's not quite day or night when they happen later in the morning and mid-afternoon. I've spotted lots of birds this week too which is nice and I've managed to squeeze some of these little moments into my daily 17 syllable quota. Thank goodness for the birds singing and fluttering on through these cold and greyish days, bringing some beauty to the newly-barren tree branches. Not mentioned here is the flock of goldfinches that flew over me one day when I was out for a run. The sight of their little red faces and yellow bellies bobbing above me spurred me on on a very a cold day. It's worth getting outside for a sight like that :) Anyway, enough rambling, here are the haikus....

Birdsong, tired eyes,
Cold puffs of breath, glowing sky:
Morning impressions.

Duckpond kerfuffle,

Breadcrumb feast 'neath yellow skies,
as day fades to night.


My feet are heavy

When I start, a few miles on,

I'm almost flying.


flutters at my feet, what a

Charming encounter!


Grandeur, opulence,

we play at being fancy,

at the opera house.

A raging rabble,
squashed in, we zoom through London,
deep beneath the streets.

Grey winter light weighs

heavy on me, outside the

storm is raging on.


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