Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Badger of the week (1)

I thought it might be fun to share, little by little, some of my favourite badger things. I'm sure nobody else is as taken with these lovely creatures as me, but no matter, perhaps I will convert you to their lovely snuffly ways. I'll pick one of my favourite badger things every week and tell you a little bit about it :) I have quite an extensive collection of badger related things, so there's plenty to share! I'll try and share some facts about the animals themselves along the way so maybe you'll learn a thing or two. If nothing else, perhaps I'll amuse someone out there with my rather eccentric obsession...

To start with, a photo. This lovely green fellow was spotted on a shop window in Brugge, Belgium last year. I love that he is clearly king of something and that not only is he having fun blowing bubbles, but he's also balancing on a particularly big bubble. I hope nobody bursts it!

More meles meles soon!

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