Friday, November 18, 2011

A haiku a day...

One less haiku than usual for this week's serving as I'm scheduling this post in the past before I leave for Paris and what with it currently being Wednesday, Thursday's haiku isn't written yet (although it will be by the time you're reading this in the future, aka the present - but I won't be anywhere near the internet in order to include it). I'll make sure to put it in next week's installment... anyhoo, here be the rest of the poems...

Quiet evening
to myself, haven of calm,

before more mad days.


Huge tides of people,
Swarm the streets, rushing, pushing,

all going somewhere.

Glass pod floats over

the murky Thames, London shines

through the hazy fog.


Oh awkward chit-chat,

I've missed your ways, coffee cups

clink as we mingle.


Running familiar
routes, watching the seasons change,
simple pleasures, these.


Don't forget to breathe,

or to pack your passport,
(mantra to myself)

And seeing as I'm one poem down, here's a bonus piccy to do with Sunday's haiku. Guess which London tourist attraction I went on...

(It's peeking out amongst the autumn leaves)

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