Friday, November 04, 2011

Little diamond patchwork blanket.... more crochet progress (and a bit of pixie chat)

I've been busy hooking away more little diamonds for my patchwork blanket and it's finally big enough so I've started working on the edge. Here's how it's grown in the last couple of days/weeks...

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Haha -It's fun watching it grow on screen! Almost like those little patches just grew themselves overnight. Maybe I have a clan of mischevious crochet pixies hiding out in my flat, coming out of hiding at night time with giant hooks, rolling the huge balls of wool across the floor and working in teams to get these squares hooked up...

I love this patchy blanket already - it's so colourful and cheery, and really really cosy too as there aren't many holes/gaps in it and with all the wool I've used, its nice and heavy. It's been keeping me ever so warm on these chilly autumn evenings whilst I work on it. Who needs central heating when there's a blanket growing on your lap?!

This is where up I'm to at the moment- after 32 days of crocheting (it's taken me longer than that, but I'm not counting the days when I didn't do anything)

And here's a close-up of the first round of the border. I'm going to give it quite a wide and colourful zig-zaggy border to frame all these lovely little squares and make it that little bit bigger...

Confession: I still haven't woven all those pesky woolly ends in yet. Think I'll pobably save that for the end. What a treat! It would be really rather wonderful indeed if those crochet pixies weren't just a figment of my imagination.... I'd love it if they
could do that particular job for me! Maybe I'll leave out a few thimblefuls of wine to tempt them out of hiding?

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