Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog love

It might seem a little counter-intuitive to send you off to read other blogs when you may have only just clicked on this one to read but I assure you that it isn't (that is, if anyone is out there clicking and reading?? hello world? are you reading me? haha!) Here's why - I started this blog because I love reading other people's blogs. If I, as a person, love these blogs, so too might you, another person and besides I'm here to share the wealth, not squander it all for myself! So once a week I will share a few of my favourites. I'll divide them up into different categories (although they often do more than one thing in their blogs but such is life):

I'll start off with some of my favourite Crochet blogs because I am actually an old lady in disguise and I am addicted to this lovely craft

The ultimate source of crochet blanket related inspiration is Attic 24. Lucy's corner of the internet is full of colour, wool and the little moments of joy in everyday life. She shares works in progress and the excitement that comes with finishing a project and going 'TA DA!' Visit her here at

Another joy to behold is the slightly newer, yet nevertheless crammed with all things crochet-inspired is MeMeRose. This lady sure can crochet quickly and its oh-so-pretty! Her lovely blog can be found at

La France and a huge source of my personal crochet inspiration (it's where I got the idea and instructions for my amazing crochet coat of technicolour dreamcoat wonderousness which I will share with you soon). Allez sur son site à

Finally, this lady and her cat Raymond provide a lovely burst of colour and make me want to crochet lovely circular mandalas and finally learn how to knit socks. Note to self: This is the year that you will knit your first pair of socks. You have the wool, the pattern and the crazy mini needles and here is the inspiration/instructions. She lives all the way on the other side of the world in New Zealand but you can get there in just the click of a button, here:

Right, well that will probably do for now. I apologise for all the extra hours you will no doubt spend procrastinating, as you read these lovely blogs. It's not like you had anything important to do, is it?

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