Saturday, July 30, 2011

A haiku a day...

Here are my haikus from this week. One a day, every day.

So many hours,
basking in contentment on
the sun-soaked sofa.

One foot in front of
the other foot and onwards,
flying past the world.

Sneaking a glimpse of
sunflowers through the fence, as
sunbeams fade to dusk.

Heavy with slumber,
I sink into my pillow,
A deep-sleep diver.

Waking up aching,
time to start another day.
Coffee is my friend.

Tap-tapping my toes,
As the wine flows through my veins,
Underground rhythms

Grumble, grumble, sigh
and moan. It's hot and sticky
in my London home.

I would love to hear your haikus too, so please feel free to leave me one in the comments :)
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  1. my best haiku I ever wrote:

    without my glasses
    the world is slightly fuzzy
    I should put them on

    my fave haiku and fave poem ever (syllables don't pan out in the translation) is:

    Butterflies dancing through falling snow!
    What a wonderful sight it would be.

    Its from a book 'Don't tell the Scarecrow and other Japanese Poems', which I found in a charity shop buy... and it is beautiful, I will bring it to show you when I am in London xxx

  2. haha that is a most excellent haiku :) you should put them on! i would LOVE to see butterflies dancing through the falling snow. ahhhh!x