Sunday, July 03, 2011

In the beginning...

I like reading blogs. I read lots of them. Blogs about adventures, blogs about crochet, blogs about style, blogs about music, and blogs about the everyday lives of people all over the world. And often I think to myself, hmmm I should write one too. I should create a little space to record some of my favourite things and share them with other people. So here I am starting to do just that. Finally stepping out from behind the computer screen and feeling inspired to start joining in the conversations in this wonderful ridiculous creation that is the internet. Here I will write about things that I like which include such wonderful pastimes as: running, crocheting, sewing and other crafting marvels, nature, fairies and ladybirds, vegetarian cooking, having adventures, being in love with the French language, books, music, love, life the universe and everything (well maybe not everything!) in-between.

This will be a place to remember the magical moments, past and present that make up my little life.

I read a wonderful sign at glastonbury festival that made a lot of sense to me. It said:
We don't remember the days, we remember the moments. And that is exactly what I will start to do here.


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