Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flutter by butterfly..

Lately lots of butterflies have been fluttering across my path including...

1. A peacock butterfly in Snowdonia (chasing this lovely ended up with my stepping in a bog that was more than ankle deep. mmmm stale bog smell! Luckily I was very close to a mountain spring so I washed my toes clean. Nature giveth and it taketh away!)

2. A red admiral spotted in a field near Cirencester

3. A ringlet butterfly found in a lane near Cirencester
. Even though it's not as colourful as some of the other butterflies, this little lovely was a delight to watch flutter about. It's wings were light and airy and it moved so quickly and gracefully...

4. A small tortoiseshell found in a field near Cirencester (a little blurry, sorry)

And finally... 5. A gatekeeper spotted on the Devonshire coast last summer. This is the butterfly that sparked off my interest and first got me snapping all these pictures

My photography skills (and camera equipment) are somewhat limiting, but it's nice to get more than just a glimpse of these ephemeral wing├ęd beauties and to be able to have another more careful look back home on the computer screen. I will learn all of their names, yes I will!

What butterflies have you spotted? Do you have a favourite? What are your tips for photographing these lovely flighty creatures?

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