Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things to make with Granny squares!

I wrote a bit about granny squares in my earlier 'learning to crochet' post, and I thought that today I would share some inspiration for some fun wearable projects that you can make quite easily once you've mastered the basic square...


They make my feet happy!

I got the instructions for these from
The Purl Bee (Click on the link to be magically transported there!!). I've made a fair few pairs of these in different colour combinations for me and my friends. They're really easy and fairly quick to put together once you get going :)


This is my favourite crochet item that I've made yet. It 'goes' with all my clothes because it has all the colours in it :) It was a labour of love, but it's so comfy and colourful and almost like walking around being snuggled in a blanket.

Here it is hanging up so you can see the front.... and the back...

I got the inspiration and the instructions from my favourite French crochet blog, L'atelier de Marie. Click here to be transported to her original post and see the coat that inspired mine - it's beautiful. Marie provides some instructions about how to piece it together (reading it meant learning a few new French words for me - hooray for becoming bilingual in crochet!) as well as a diagram for any non-French speakers.


Ah yes, I know I know, I 've already told you about this one! See my post here....

Here's another more simple purse I made without sewing that can be used to just carry a few bits and bobs (nothing too heavy). I made the main part of it out of a square of crochet done with sturdy half-double crochet stitches and the flap is basically just a granny square with 5 rounds and then extra crochet on the sides to make it rectangular. The strap is just a long thick plait of wool...

Hop on over to MeMe Rose to see the wonderful scarf that she made, inspired by this amazing picture! It's a scarf made up of lots of granny squares all joined together, much like a blanket only scarf shaped.... perfect for this autumn, yes?
House of Holland via MeME Rose

I think I might have to rustle up something similar in the next few months....

One day soon I will show you what happens if you make a granny square with 6 corners! I'll give you a clue- it sounds a lot like one of the Welsh counties....
Do you have any favourite wearable granny square projects to share?


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  1. My grandma made those slippers!! She didn't have much money so she bought really cheap yarn and the bottoms of your feet hurt so bad when you wore them..Thanks for the memory..