Friday, August 05, 2011

A haiku a day...

Some more of my daily haikus from this week. This time some of them come complete with pictures!

Friday (on a train)
Fields of green speed by,
A trail burns bright in my wake,
Fuelled by scattered thoughts.

Saturday (Submergence)
I dipped my toes in,
But your cool flowing waters
convinced me to swim

Above the treetops
That huddle like bundles of
broccoli florets

Mysterious sea
Seeps into the horizon

Humid night: nightmares
suffocate and silence me
Sun rises, rain falls

Wednesday (Clich├ęs)
The heat's palpable
(Whatever that means): the
Summer's in full swing

Enough already!
Of this muddle and rain - let's
put today to bed!

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I would love to hear your haikus too, so please feel free to leave me one in the comments :)

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