Friday, August 12, 2011

A haiku a day...

It's my fourth week of writing a haiku everyday and I'm still really enjoying the challenge of squeezing some thoughts or reflections about what's going on in my world into three little lines of words. It's a nice way of capturing a moment of my day. Sometimes they end up being more cryptic or profound than other times, sometimes I'm stuck with what to write - but even that can end up inspiring me (see Sunday's offering!). Anyway, here they are in their 5-7-5 syllable bundles, one a day every day...

Friday (On being an early bird. A triple-rhyming haiku!)
So much excitement
early each morn. Later
on I feel folorn.

So much potential
early each day. Later on
it fades away.

So many ideas
in the morning light. Later
on they take to flight.

Looping the wool through
With my little hook, I watch
my cardigan grow.

The words are playing
Hide and seek- Come out! Come out!
Wherever you are!

A giant jigsaw
a puzzle made of words: it's
overwhelming me

Sitting, watching and
wondering why the world's gone
mad. It makes me sad.

Walking round the block
with you, a moment of calm
Before the night falls

Drenched through to my bones -
SPLASH! It sure is fun to run
in the pouring rain.

Why a haiku a day? See here. And to read some more, click here and here.


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