Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bobble Berry Cardigan

I finally finished a crochet project I've been working on for a while. I gave you a sneaky glimpse of it here. Now it's time to reveal what is quite possibly my craziest woolly creation yet: My bobble berry cardigan!

Here's the front...

and the back...

The basic structure of the cardigan is that of a hexagon granny square - if you crochet 6 right angles and sides into a basic granny square, you get a rather unweildy piece that will naturally fold itself into an L shape. If you do two of these and then join them together in the middle and along the top of the open flaps you get a very easy cardigan! You can then make the body and the sleeves longer and shape it so that it fits around the body and neck. Unfortunately, I didn't really take many photos as I was hooking this up so it's quite tricky to explain - for better full instructions see here here and here.

I've made a few variations of this design this before and this time I didn't want the holes you get in a granny square so instead I used double crochet stitch to form a more 'knitted' surface and also went a bit crazy using the bobble stitch which I learnt from the
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework which I wrote a bit about here.

Here's a bit of a close-up so you can see the bobbles (and my alarmingly pale hand!!!)

I used my three favourite colours of Stylecraft wool: Claret, Cranberry and Copper. The bobbles don't half use up a lot of wool - I got through about 2 balls of each colour for this. It means that the cardigan is very very warm indeed. Perfect for autumn and winter - I'm going to get lots of wear out of this crazy creation throughout the colder months. Also I realised when I was out for a walk that all the berry coloured bobbles mean that I blend right in amongst all the berries that have been appearing on bushes lately!
Not everybody's source of style inspiration!

Here it is again :) You can just make out all the different colour buttons that I've carefully stitched on...

Why not learn to crochet so you can make completely unique and ridiculous cardigans of your own too?



  1. Wooow, that looks so....complicated :p. Great work! I wouldn't know where to start. You don't see that many crocheted clothing, mostly knitted. I love this piece!

  2. your comment made me smile :) thank you! <3 i love your sweater.. perfect for the months ahead!

    love, polly

  3. What a beauty, ahhhhhhhhhhhh I want one!!!