Friday, September 30, 2011

A haiku a day...

A bottle of red:
Conversation flows just like
Old times at wine time.

It's loud and hot here
and not like me, but on the
dancefloor I feel free.

Sunday sunflowers:
My arms full of their long stems
and happy faces.

Reading means doubling
my '"me": I'm here and I'm there,
inside the pages.

All at once the birds
take to flight, united in
wing├ęd commotion.

Outside a strange voice
sings; a melodic breeze floats
in through my window.

Almost October,
but Summer has snuck back for
one last brazen fling.

Thanks for reading my little ones. I just looked back through my old haiku posts and realised that I have already written another haiku about sunflowers which I had completely forgotten about. Reading it again I remember exactly the moment that inspired the first one :) So it turns out they are not just poems but also magic potions for the memory: take/make one a day and remember little moments that would otherwise be lost. Writing a haiku really is a fun way to capture a little bit of the essence of your day... why not leave me one in the comments?

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