Saturday, September 17, 2011

A haiku a day...

Here are my poem snippets from the last week....
Yellow and leafy,
A perfect autumnal tree,
September's finest.

Saturday (On sleeping late)
Lazy Saturday:
I sleep away the morning,
dream away the day.

Sunday (Weatherforecast-ing)
Woken by the wind,
Sunny morning, rain showers,
cloudy moonlit night.

Monday (damn mosquitoes)
My legs were a feast,
Made red and lumpy by an
awful insect beast.

Tuesday (Personification of a waiting game...)
Limbo yawns, stretches
out her lazy limbs, asks me
"are you waiting, dear?"

My brain is empty:
seventeen syllables void

of beautytoday

At the lake, squabbles
break out between the ducks but
I feel calm at last.
ps. haiku, why-ku? see here

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