Wednesday, September 07, 2011

happy little moments... shadow people on the moor

This happy moment came about last weekend on Dartmoor. On yet another chilly, overcast day we set out for a nice long walk down the old railway path before turning off the beaten track and going up amongst the trees on the hillside above us. We walked up the gentle incline along a path marked out between the ferns. The shady woodlands were cool and quiet and I half-expected to happen upon Lothlorien at any moment. Alas, there were no elves! Only dartmoor ponies and sheep (and one solitary raven flying overhead!!) once we emerged from under the treetops onto the moor. In a strange shift of fortunes which must surely only happen to perplex and invalidate the work of weather forecasters everywhere, the clouds had all parted and grey skies has been replaced with bright sunshine.

We paused to admire the view... and to greet the shadow people. One of them waved back! :)

As I looked out at the view I decided that one day I will make a patchwork quilt inspired by the English countryside. It will be haphazardly divided into little patchwork fields of green and yellow and brown, with hedges and trees and horses and sheep grazing, a little tractor driving along, tiny houses clustered in one corner and the bright blue sky above it full of picture perfect clouds just like the ones I saw up there on the moor.



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