Saturday, September 10, 2011

A haiku a day...

Here be this week's haikus, one made pretty :)

Friday (at an Amanda Palmer gig)
A sweaty disco,
Made of rock, love and freaks, in
Punk cabaret bliss.

Last blast of summer,
On this sun-filled afternoon
which we almost missed.

Sunday (I should have worn a thimble)
As stitches line up
Neatly on the cloth, my thumb's
sore with needle pricks.

The blustery wind
blows out my cobwebs as it
ushers autumn in

Hot tub of bubbles.
toes turned wrinkly, soles gone soft,
A treat for my feet.

Ready to begin,
I'll burst into action soon,
Any moment now...

As always, I invite you to leave a haiku for me...

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